Into The Madness

My name is Rasheda Poe, and this is my mind. You will find that there are two sides to me. For you to understand this blog, you need to understand who’s writing it. So let’s get started.
RashedaRasheda is a mom and student. I have three beautiful little ones that I call My-Tay-La. My is Jeramya, my 10 year old daughter. She is in the fourth grade, and has many talents and passions. Her two greatest passions are singing and writing. Tay is my 9 year old son Trae. He is in the third grade and like most boys loves cars and robots. And the there is La. This is my 8 year old daughter Loyis (Alana hence the La). She is my fashionista and natural athlete. I inspire them to be themselves and do what they love. I sometimes wish that I had someone to inspire me like that when I was young. But now I am my own inspiration.

I decided to continue my education a few years back. I have since graduated from Glendale Community College with an Associate of Arts. I was Phi Theta Kappa and graduated with high distinction. I am currently an English Lit and Creative Writing double major at University of Arizona (Go Cats!). I’m in the Honor’s College and a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda. Academic excellence is my passion and priority. It has to. My successes as a student are what inspire my children most. They are A and B students (More As than Bs) because their mommy is. And the fact that I have not decided that being in my 30s is too late to get my education; my kids will learn not to give up for any reason. At least that’s what I hope.



Rayven (my penname) is the writer. I’m a not a writer because it’s what I do, but who I am. I live and breathe for the written word. From the poetry in my collection (Suicide Notes ~ in development) to my novels (Where The Rainbow End series ~ Coming soon). and all of the short stories, plays and screenplays in between, I find a freedom that most never experience. And the world creation, then filling those worlds with the people that live in my head–there’s nothing better.

And trust me, there are enough people in my head to fill a few worlds. Not all of these people are human. I have a family of drop dead gorgeous Fallen Angels that are currently on a quest is to seek out, and destroy a Succubus bloodline. These succubi are to die for; with killer bods and attitudes to match. The quest needs to be accomplished before one of the many vampire covens finds them, and takes control. And don’t get me started on the Dominatrix and her sisters in their quest to discover that love is more than just a series of broken hearts. And the brokenhearted detective and the dream lovers and…

Arrrrgh!!!! And they never shut up. They all want to tell their tales. It’s Madness I tell you….